in Lake Mary
, FL
Reference: 19-03823

A full time Pharmacist is needed to perform comprehensive medication reviews (CMR) for qualified Medicare members as required by CMS to achieve a 5 star goal. There is no current staff dedicated to this function. The Pharmacist will also support our clinical Stars measures, SUPD (Statin Use in Persons with Diabetes) and SPC (Statin Therapy for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease), by outreaching identified members to achieve a 5 star goal.

Job Description:

  • The Pharmacist will contact qualified members via telephone and review their medication profiles.
  • Utilizing a medication therapy management (MTM) platform, the Pharmacist will identify gaps in care, high risk medications, drug interactions, and duplications in therapies.
  • The Pharmacist must be able to communicate effectively to provide counseling and education to eligible members about their medication regimen.
  • In addition, the Pharmacist must be able to discuss clinical recommendations and interventions with providers and caregivers, when appropriate, to all involved in the care of the client’s members.
  • The Pharmacist will also work collaboratively with our pharmacy team to make outbound calls to members identified in specific measures related to diabetes and cholesterol.