Help Desk Technician

Information Technology
in Tampa
, FL
Reference: 19-02595

Job Information:

  • Provide technical support to all our client’s staff, supporting hardware, software and other systems
  • Using their technical knowledge, the candidate will troubleshoot issues, determine the source and advise on appropriate action for a successful resolution

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assist inquiries via phone, email, ticket or in person
  • Troubleshoot and research all issues reported
  • Determine source of problems (hardware, software, user access, etc.)
  • Advise on appropriate action for resolution
  • Document entire exchange
  • Serve as liaison between staff and the rest of the technology departments
  • Work autonomously or with a team on technical projects
  • Work not only reactive but also proactive on potential issues that may arise
  • Work with current knowledge-base documentation on validity of information documented as well as updating current and creating new knowledge-based documentation

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Perform hardware and software installations
  • Provide on-the-job training to new department staff members
  • Lift equipment such as desktops or laptops and delivered parcels
  • Assist on other duties as required or directed

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Voice skills that are pleasant, professional, clear and easy for one to understand; This includes the ability to communicate using correct grammar
  • Writing skills that are pleasant, professional, clear and easy for one to understand; This includes the ability to communicate using correct grammar
  • Candidate should be able to type proficiently while participating in a conversation
  • Listening skills that include the ability to actively listen and patiently wait to speak
  • Willingness to learn and expand on technical knowledge
  • Eagerness to help others and provide the best possible service in a timely manner
  • Works well autonomously or in a team environment
  • Flexibility with tasks and work schedule to assure proper coverage
  • Accepts direction well from department manager and coworkers
  • Successful back ground check that include all detected (known) and undetected (unknown by others) criminal history
  • Clean criminal history, especially for the last 36 months
  • Keep in mind all forms of marijuana are illegal in the state of Florida unless there is a legal prescription for it usage
  • Many good candidates had to be immediately terminated because of undetected criminal history that came up during the application and polygraph session
  • Please make sure your candidates are sincere with you about their criminal history, especially undetected criminal history and they understand completely the application process


  • Associate or Bachelor degree in a technical field
  • Associate or Bachelor degree in a non-technical field and one current technical certification
  • High school diploma and two current technical certifications
  • All listed education and certifications must be validated by the contracting firm prior to submitting a resume


  • Minimum if six months of recent, continuous professional experience in a technical support service role

Working Conditions: 

  • Working conditions are normal for an office environment
  • Sitting using a telephone headset
  • Typing and general computer usage
  • Moving IT equipment including laptops and desktops


  • Clearly written; No misspelled words or ambiguity
  • All jobs listed in a reverse, chronological order with current or most recent job first
  • All dates must include month as well as year
  • All jobs and places of education must include the name of the city and state.
  • Different titles at the same place of employment require different date ranges and entries
  • If the candidate was employed through a staffing agency, the title must list “Agent of ABC Staffing Agency at XYZ Employer” to distinguish the correct “employer”
  • Specific, actual job titles are to be listed, not “working titles”
  • If it was a temporary assignment, non-paid or internship, please list that as well
  • List just the type of degree obtained such as Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in IT, etc. (Do not list number of hours or classes attended at institutions of higher learning)
  • Education, degrees, certifications, etc. listed must also include the month and year it was obtained as well as the city and state it was obtained
  • Education, degrees, certifications, etc. can only be listed if obtained (Do not list anything that has not been obtained and cannot be validated)
  • Education, degrees, certifications, etc. are to be validated by the contracting firm prior to being presented
  • The candidate’s resume must be accurate and true to the candidate’s education and experience
  • No catch words or phrases needed
  • Resumes are not scanned; so, we gather what the candidate did by actually reading the details
  • Omit resume summaries
  • Resumes should only contain work history, education and certification information with dates and locations
  • Please keep resume to one page
  • There are many resumes to review; Keep it simple and brief