Customer Support Engineer

Warehouse & Maintenance
in Orlando
, FL
Reference: 19-03158


  • Providing “Repair & Return” and “Box Swap” services to end user customers
  • Providing site-based configuration/software services including the provision of software upgrades
  • Provide a Customer Support Help Desk service involving telephone calls and e-mails from customers
  • Liaise with dealers and end user customers on resolution of technical issues
  • Ensure the functionality and correct configuration of all machines being shipped from Orlando
  • Conduct technical investigations, checks and data gathering as directed by Technical and Quality Management
  • Carry out screening of returned devices to confirm fault diagnosis and analysis
  • Repair broken CBW devices as required (count-by-weight machines)
  • Ensure final testing of CBW devices prior to despatch from Orlando
  • Provide timely and accurate products as required
  • Contribute to technical projects as required