Call Center – Sales Associate

Call Center & Customer Service
in Winter Park
, FL
Reference: 19-04030


Call Center-Sales Associates are responsible for securing, retaining, and maintaining qualified applicants for online undergraduate admission to the university, operating in compliance with state and federal accreditation and institutional policies, to include performing job functions within the parameters of ethical codes of conduct; all of which is done in a shared workflow.


  • Behave as a university ambassador and embrace our unique educational model, while maintaining the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and customer service
  • Field and service prospective students, engage in compliant and customer-service oriented interviews, and recommend students for enrollment when they have been determined to be a strong candidate for admission
  • Accurately and completely explain educational programs, expected outcomes, student services, and financial considerations (at a compliant level) to potential students, their parents, and other internal and external clients
  • Inquire with all prospective students regarding the verification and discovery phases and complete follow-up calls to ensure they satisfactorily meet deadlines
  • Accurately update student records, dialer dispositions, and other vital pieces of the shared workflow