Associate Mechanical Engineer

in Raleigh
, NC
Reference: 19-03785
  • Responsible for the inception, development, implementation and sustainment of low voltage (480V and below) AC and DC electrical systems in conjunction with mechanical systems (HVAC, pumping, etc.)
  • Provide support for the development of bid level drawing packages and also support immediate response efforts with reactionary projects for HVAC controls, server interface, and sustaining trouble shooting
  • Support the development and authoring of proposals as well as cost work load estimates with critical path schedule dates to support our project management team
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute the design process for small to large scale projects performed internally as directed by the team leader
  • Assemble construction documents and specifications
  • Assist Project Managers and Design Managers to manage the design scope matrix for each project, representing current status for each design component from conceptual inspiration to receipt of final product
  • Coordinate the content and packaging of all design materials routinely transmitted for review and approval by local authority having jurisdiction
  • Participate in the development and maintenance of design standards for project
  • Ability to produce quality free hand sketches for effective communication
  • Product research and resourcing
  • RFP, proposal, and construction document preparation and review
  • Assist with directing and coordinating all photo documentation required to record existing conditions, prototypes, and completed projects
  • Maintain design logs including receipt, processing, and distribution of all deliverables from both internal and external service providers and vendors
  • Create and maintain all project sample boxes for the collection and storage of all physical design components
  • Assist our Sourcing and Purchasing with contracts
  • Organize and maintain design resource library and coordination of all initial vendor contact
  • Perform site visits for the retrieval of field verifications to support the design process (i.e.: details, measurements, existing conditions, product data, etc.)
  • Catalog and maintain all project Item Specification Manuals provided by external Design Professionals for current projects and historical posterity
  • Expedite the receipt of sample submittals required for final design approval (Ex: custom lighting fixture prototypes and HVAC applications)
  • Participate in the weekly design coordination meetings and helping to identify the higher priority items needing to be expedited
  • Assist Project and Design Managers to resolve design compliance issues relating to projects requirements
  • Validate that all item specifications are consistent with products installed prior to archiving manuals
  • Research availability of As-Built Drawings in Archives
  • Assist with the logistics planning for all Executive Design Reviews involving agenda development which includes participant coordination and physical accommodations distributed to all internal partners and the extended project team


  • The candidate ideally must have a Bachelor of Science degree and have 0 to 2 years of work experience in fields related to electrical and mechanical, or electromechanical engineering
  • The candidate must be familiar with standards, codes, able to develop concepts, established practices, and procedures within electrical and mechanical engineering design, implementation, and stewardship
  • The candidate must be a self-starting yet an effective collaborator to expand experience and develop ideas/thoughts into physical reality.
  • The candidate must also be able to provide guidance and concise decision matrices to support executive decisions.
  • Experienced with design, procurement, and logistics
  • Ability to motivate and supervise the work of others (including assigned interns)
  • Ability to collaborate and endeavor in a team environment to ensure a successful product
  • Minimum of 1 year of AutoCAD, Revit, and other 3D design experience
  • Basic knowledge of energy management software and systems