You Only Have One Chance to Resign the Right Way

Jul 29, 2018 4 Corner Resources 4 Corner Resources

We get it. Believe me, we do. All day, every day, we speak with prospective candidates and current contractors about their likes and dislikes. We know that many of you aren’t in an ideal situation, and we are eager to help facilitate your next great career move. Of course we are – it’s what we do!


When the time comes to leave your current employer, please remember to always do it the right way. Give proper notice. Offer to help with the transition, and then actually do it. Exit with grace, and express gratitude to your soon-to-be former employer. The manner in which you resign will leave a lasting impression, so be sure to make it a positive one.

Remember – it’s a big world, but it’s a round one, too.


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