Working with a Recruiter: Why Honesty is the Best Policy

February 19, 2019 4 Corner Resources 4 Corner Resources

There is something to be said about integrity in recruiting — not only concerning the conduct of job seekers or employers, but how the professional recruiters they work with operate as well. No one likes to be lied to, which is why honesty is important in every type of relationship (including professional ones).

When all sides value honesty and are truthful throughout the recruiting process, everybody wins:

  • Employers land their ideal candidates,
  • Applicants get the jobs they desire, and
  • Recruiters keep their clients and candidates happy.

When people choose not to follow this highly-recommended approach and check their integrity at the door, it results in a frustrating experience for all parties.

Here are a few reasons why honesty is the best policy on all sides of the recruiting process:

The Reason Why Honesty is the Best Policy For Job Seekers

Although it may be tempting to “upsell” yourself by embellishing information, lying on a job application or your resume is never a good idea. Being dishonest about your salary, leadership experience, or employment history is ineffective because your employment and salary history will be verified as part of the recruiting process. According to CareerBuilder, “Half of employers (51 percent) said that they would automatically dismiss a candidate if they caught a lie on his/her resume.”

It doesn’t matter how high or low the position — no one is immune from being caught lying about their credentials. For example, CNN reported that Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson resigned from his role in 2012 after it was discovered that he lied about his education.

Fabricating information can result in your application being excluded from consideration for that specific position. Furthermore, it could taint you in the eyes of the employer and recruiter for other jobs for which they would have otherwise considered you. Therefore, when working with a recruiter or interviewing directly with an employer, stick to being as honest as possible.

The Reason Why Honesty is the Best Policy For Employers

The more upfront and truthful you are throughout the recruiting process, the more effective your headhunter can be in finding you the best candidates. If you’re vague about the skills, expertise, and other factors you’re seeking, or if you say you want quality A when you’re really looking for quality B, you’ll be less likely to get the ideal applicants you want.

Be honest about your organizational culture:

  • Is it very hierarchical in nature?
  • Does your organization promote specific values?
  • Is your organization more laid back or is it a more strict and professional environment?

Being open about these factors will help to attract the right candidates and eliminate ones who may not be the right fit. This saves time while leaving applicants with a positive impression of your organization.

Our last piece of advice for employers is this: If you like a candidate and think they are a good fit for your position and organization, be honest about it and don’t wait. As a recruiting firm, we’ve seen this happen a lot — a client loves a candidate after interviewing them but delays on making an offer because they want to interview other candidates for comparison. In this tight labor market, good candidates are harder than ever to find, so don’t wait! In the end, it may mean you will lose the candidate you should’ve hired in the first place. In other words, don’t be afraid to commit when you find the right person to hire — even if it’s the first one you interview!

The Reason Why Honesty is the Best Policy As a Recruiter

At 4 Corner Resources (4CR), we believe that clear and honest communication is integral to the recruiting process. As a recruiting firm, this strategy helps us keep everyone on the same page, enables us to manage client and candidate expectations, and ensures we don’t promote candidates who are not a good fit. In fact, honesty is a core component of our first of four guiding principles — the 4R Principles — which are Relationships, Resources, Responsiveness, and Results.

In the end, it means that every team member abides by the Golden Rule: We treat others as we wish to be treated.

Partner with a Firm That Promotes Integrity in Recruiting

If you’re looking to work with a professional staffing agency, choose one that is an honest recruiting service. 4 Corner Resources is a professional staffing agency that operates by the code that honesty is the best policy. We believe that it’s essential for employers to be truthful with candidates and vice versa — and we hold ourselves to that standard as well. Our team members pride themselves on open and transparent communication; we want employers and applicants alike to leave the recruiting process with a favorable impression of the experience and our company.

Contact us today to learn how an honest approach to recruiting and staffing can benefit your organization.


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