Why Recruiting Firms Are HR Professionals' Best Friends

March 12, 2019 4 Corner Resources 4 Corner Resources

Whether your organization needs to hire talent quickly or wants to keep tabs on top industry professionals for future openings, professional recruiting firms, or staffing agencies, are valuable resources. But how, exactly, do recruitment and staffing agencies work? Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, how can a recruiting agency or headhunter help you as a human resource professional?

A professional recruiting firm can help meet your needs by offering direct hire or contract-to-hire staffing services. Direct hire staffing is when a third-party professional recruiter sources, screens, and places a qualified candidate on the end-user client’s payroll. Contract-to-hire staffing, on the other hand, offers more flexibility for the end-user client in that the selected candidate is on a contract with the option to hire the employee directly after their contract ends. The contract employee is paid via the recruiting firm’s payroll while they work for the end-user client.

There are many ways that companies benefit from partnering with recruiting firms rather than relying on in-house HR teams alone. As an Orlando staffing agency who works with businesses across the U.S., our headhunting team at 4 Corner Resources (4CR) thought we should share a few advantages of using recruiting and staffing services:

5 Benefits of Using a Recruiter for HR Professionals

Reason #1 to Use Recruiting Firms: Save Your Business Time

As an HR professional, you have a lot of other responsibilities to take care of without reading through dozens (or even hundreds) of applications and resumes to find exceptional candidates to interview for one job — let alone multiple positions at once. Partnering with a professional recruiting firm can help you save time and effort by sourcing and screening candidates on your behalf based on your specifications, needs, and goals. Recruiting and staffing headhunters write and develop detailed job descriptions, run reference checks and, in some cases, handle candidate contract negotiations on your behalf.

Here’s what one of our clients has to say about working with the recruiters at 4CR:

“There have been multiple instances where I’ve been given a deadline to fill multiple positions in a short amount of time, and I love how they always find and provide us with amazing quality candidates that not only meet, but exceed our expectations, which in turn, helps us achieve our organizational goals.” — Jason D., an employee in Florida’s education industry.

Reason #2 to Use Recruiting Firms: Extensive Pools of Candidates

Because their sole job is to source, screen, and place top candidates with organizations across many industries, professional staffing agencies or headhunters continuously strive to develop relationships with an abundance of candidates with varying skills and experience levels. This provides your company, and HR department specifically, with extended reach and an advantage over competitors who rely exclusively on in-house teams.

Furthermore, because recruiting firms and headhunters are not employees of your company, they can cross into the gray area of recruiting candidates from your competition without your business breaking the unspoken “gentlemen’s agreement” that prohibits most companies from poaching employees from one another.

Here’s what one of our clients has to say about how the 4 Corner recruiting team brings them the best candidates:

“What I like most about 4 Corner Resources is that while we have a process of farming out requests to many different partners, 4 Corner Resources partners with various parts of the business to better understand the requirements for the position which is often not something that one can properly articulate with a job posting. Other providers we’ve worked with in the past tend to send resumes in mass, requiring hours of pouring through the information that yields very little potential in fulfilling the position. 4 Corner Resources receives the information, partners with us to find out what is most important, and sends us only the candidates that fit not just the positions posted, but also matches candidates to our company culture.” — Joe S., an employee in the New York healthcare industry.

Reason #3 to Use Recruiting Firms: Greater Access to Resources

In addition to being well-versed in recruitment laws and processes, experienced professional recruiters tend to be highly informed of current hiring trends and the needs of employers in different industries. One of the most significant benefits of using a recruiter is that they have access to extensive recruiting databases, candidate networks, and other resources. All of these things, in addition to the knowledge and expertise they have honed through years of experience in the industry, help to attract a broader and deeper pool of applicants.

Here’s what one of our clients has to say about how the headhunters at 4 Corner help them with their recruiting and staffing needs:

“The personalized attention that is given to us as clients and the willingness to work with us to find excellent candidates, even when we are looking for people with unconventional skill sets.” — Rafael M., an employee at a Florida government agency.

Reason #4 to Use Recruiting Firms: Recruiting Knowledge and Strategies That Work

Companies that have years of experience recruiting and staffing for other businesses can apply the knowledge they have gained to benefit your organization. Veteran recruiting firms will implement proven recruiting strategies to source, screen, and place more qualified candidates with your company. This is a must in a tight labor market (what our headhunters refer to as a “candidate’s market” due to low unemployment) when more employers are competing for fewer top candidates. An effective recruiting strategy can help your organization stand out from competitors; enabling you to recruit the talent you need to meet growing business goals.

Reason #5 to Use Recruiting Firms: Increase Company Efficiency

Partnering with professional staffing agencies or headhunters tends to be more cost-effective in the long run than hiring an extensive team of in-house recruiters to handle your recruiting and staffing needs. Whether your company hires frequently or infrequently, using a professional recruiting firm can save money and relieve stress. By using a staffing firm as needed, companies that hire new personnel only a few times a year don’t have to waste resources and budget to employ someone for such a limited task. Additionally, working with a professional staffing agency helps to lessen the workload for understaffed and overworked in-house recruiting teams.

If you’re looking for a partnership that can take the weight of recruiting off your shoulders and provide you with the best candidates, it's imperative to choose a recruiting firm that puts your needs first. 4 Corner Resources continually ranks among the top staffing and employment agencies in Orlando and uses proven recruiting strategies, resources, and extensive candidate networks to place the best applicants.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can be your best professional friends and recruiting resources.



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