What Type of Professional Staffing Services Do You Need?

May 02, 2019 Crystal Lang Crystal Lang

Regardless of size or industry, hiring new employees is an important part of driving growth for any business. Some companies opt to keep this responsibility in-house, while others feel that relying on professional staffing services is a better option, as professional staffing agencies are typically:

  • Highly experienced and proficient in the candidate sourcing and selection process;
  • Continuously cultivating a network of both active and passive candidates;
  • More cost-effective than a team of in-house recruiters;
  • Following time-tested recruiting and hiring strategies; and
  • Able to provide a greater number of highly-qualified candidates.

Professional Staffing Solutions

If you’ve decided now is the right time for your business to turn to professional staffing services, your next question is probably: “What services do I need?” That’s why we’ve broken down the benefits of four major professional staffing solutions:

Direct Hire Staffing

Direct hire staffing, often referred to as direct placement, is typically performed by permanent placement recruiters at professional staffing agencies. While they will handle up-front recruiting tasks like sourcing and screening candidates, the end-user company conducts final interviews and ultimately makes the hiring decision. Once an offer has been made and accepted, the new hire will go straight onto the company’s payroll.

Direct hire professional staffing services are ideal for hard-to-fill roles, such as leadership positions, or when your internal recruiting team is at or over capacity. There are numerous pros of direct hire staffing — here are a few highlights:

  • The candidate is on your organization’s payroll from day one. This allows you to avoid the annuity costs associated with contract-to-hire candidates.

  • Direct hire positions attract a broader pool of candidates. This means that you’re more likely to see a greater number of highly-qualified candidates.

  • Candidates placed through direct hire staffing tend to be more committed. Employees recruited for full-time, permanent positions will typically have a stronger sense of loyalty to your organization.

  • Direct hire staffing helps you to source hard-to-fill positions. Professional staffing agencies will have access to a vast network of candidates, as well as the means and tools to connect with them on your behalf.

Contract/Temporary Staffing

Contract/temporary staffing gives businesses the ability to “hire on-demand,” whether they’re a start-up or are at the enterprise level. This allows you to meet your exact capacity at any given time, providing limitless options for both the short and long-term. With this kind of staffing model, you’re able to pay for what you need; scaling your workforce up and down when needed.

Rather than being over-staffed and paying for salaries and benefits for stagnant employees, or being under-staffed and unable to complete your current workload, contract/temporary staffing helps your business:

  • Fill project-specific capacity gaps. If you have a unique or one-time project that requires additional brainpower or more hands on deck, contract/temporary staffing can fulfill that immediate need.

  • Combat seasonal ramp-up challenges. Particularly in the hospitality and retail industries, scalable staffing makes it possible to bring in additional employees for busy seasons that you wouldn’t need on your payroll during slow seasons.

  • Stay productive during times of unexpected growth. Has your business just secured new clients, extended contracts, or added to statements of work? Hire the help you need when business is ramping up.

  • Handle rapid expansion. Are you expanding your business into a new territory? Introducing a new product or service? Fill immediate capacity gaps with contracted employees when full-time employees are unable to take more on during times of expansion.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

In a contract-to-hire process, the selected candidate begins their employment contract on the staffing agency’s payroll, not the client’s — which is the main difference between contract-to-hire and direct hire staffing. Contract length can vary from short-term to indefinite — but is most commonly between three months and one year. In nearly all situations, the client will have an opportunity to convert the contractor to a full-time employee if their contract period was a success.

Contract-to-hire staffing is a great solution when sufficient employees aren’t immediately available, the current budget doesn’t support adding permanent headcount, future workload is hard to project, or an employer wants a “trial period” before making a long-term commitment to hiring a full-time employee with a salary and benefits. Here are just a few of the benefits of contract-to-hire staffing:

  • Contract-to-hire professional staffing solutions provide unlimited flexibility. The contract-to-hire process offers flexibility with the ability to customize contract lengths and an option to hire the contractor directly after the contract period ends.

  • Employers are able to experience a “trial run” with a candidate. Contract-to-hire staffing gives you the chance to assess a prospective hire in action without committing to putting them on your payroll.

  • Contract-to-hire staffing often results in an expedited interview process. Hiring a contractor is typically perceived as less risky than a full-time employee, which often reduces the complexity and duration of an interview cycle.

  • Save on up-front hiring costs. Contract employees are paid only for their hours worked and do not go on your benefits plan until they are offered a full-time position at the end of their contract.  

Payrolling Services

Professional staffing solutions often include payrolling services. This allows clients who select a candidate in advance to experiences advantages such as:

  • An expedited on-boarding process;
  • Flexible compensation options, especially for new or unique job roles; and
  • A more efficient and effective payroll process.

When you leverage professional staffing agencies to handle your payrolling services, it frees up time for your in-house employees, particularly in accounting or HR, to focus on other tasks.

This professional staffing service is also a pro for your employees. By leveraging payrolling services to provide a more efficient and seamless onboarding experience, your employees can feel like part of the team from day one and start providing value for your business sooner. They can work with the confidence that they will be paid correctly and on time.

Your Next Steps for Utilizing Professional Staffing Services

Now that you have a better understanding of which professional staffing services your business needs, the next step is choosing a staffing agency that can deliver on them. This could depend on factors such as your size, industry, and budget.

Do you feel like you still need additional guidance when it comes to identifying which professional staffing services your business truly needs? While there are certainly pros and cons of using a staffing agency compared to in-house recruiting, perhaps one of the greatest advantages is the expertise and experience professional recruiters can provide. From initially identifying hiring needs to forming a cohesive strategy to sourcing and screening candidates, professional staffing solutions can make a difference for your business. They can enable you to achieve your workforce goals, especially if you don’t have the in-house resources, capabilities, and expertise to make hires aligned with your strategy.  

Partner with the Right Professional Staffing Agency

Leveraging professional staffing services won’t yield positive results for your business if you aren’t partnering with the right agency. That’s why at 4 Corner Resources (4CR), we take the time to understand your business, industry, and needs, so that we can align our staffing solutions to match.

4CR is a professional staffing agency that is passionate about recruiting the best candidates for our clients. With years of experience, access to extensive resources, and a vast network of qualified candidates, we’re here to provide the professional staffing service your company needs.

Contact us today to see how our team of recruiting experts can help you further uncover the benefits of direct hire staffing, contract-to-hire staffing, contract/temporary staffing, and payroll services, and realize which is best for your current needs.


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