Some Thoughts on the Unemployment Rate

Jul 30, 2018 4 Corner Resources 4 Corner Resources

It won’t be news to most of you that the unemployment rate has been dipping to it’s lowest in decades in recent months. No where is this more evident than in our sector. It is a fact of the staffing industry that we feel the effects of a growing and shrinking labor market on a much finer level than most. So, the record-breaking levels of people active in the job market gives us a good barometer with which to judge what it takes to bring in talent.

Our clients have been reaching out to us on a regular basis to fill large groups of positions that are being created to support the demands of their business. However, with such a small talent pool it can be hard for them to find someone with the right skillset. This is obviously where we specialize, and there are a couple of things that can help get people in the door.

Be Direct with what You're Looking For

Everyone know there is more to a job than what’s written on a generic job description. It doesn’t do anyone good to beat around the bush when it comes to hiring, let your recruiter know what exactly the job entails and what you will need done. Whether it be internal HR departments or an agency the recruiting team will thank you for being candid.

Be Flexible with Skills

When there are more jobs than qualified people you may have to be flexible with what you’re looking for. If a program or technology that you work with is in short supply on the market, consider a similar one that would allow your system to be adopted quickly. For job seeker this means diversifying and being knowledgeable in different areas to make yourself attractive.

Be Ready to Commit

Nothing is worse for a recruiter or candidate than a hiring manager who has commitment issues. When you identify someone, who will be a fit for your team you need to take the plunge. Lingering on a decision for the idea that maybe someone better might come along only delays the work that needs to be done. With qualified candidates it also means that if you aren’t willing to add them to your roster, your competitor will be.


How to Recruit and Hire in Low Unemployment

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