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September 23, 2019 4 Corner Resources 4 Corner Resources

A pharmacy technician is an excellent career for people who want to be in a medically-related field without the otherwise required years of schooling, the crushing educational debt, and the myriad challenges of patient care. And, since healthcare will remain a large and fast-growing field, there are a lot of options for someone wanting a healthcare job

There are many venues in which a pharmacy tech can work, including grocery or department stores, chain pharmacies, elder care facilities, and traditional drug stores. We’re so used to going to a drugstore or pharmacy center in a retail store when we’re dismissed after a hospital stay that we forget that hospitals also have pharmacy departments with pharmacy technicians. 

One potential occupational benefit of a technician is the opportunity to observe the duties of a pharmacist up close. It’s an opportunity for an aspiring pharmacist to determine if they like the job enough to return to school to obtain the required education and become a licensed pharmacist. 

Job Duties

  • Working under the supervision of a pharmacist, a pharmacy technician fills prescriptions, communicates with patients about medications and interactions, and provides administrative support including inventory and ordering, maintenance of patient information, and related documentation. 


  • The low end of compensation for a pharmacy tech is about $31,200.
  • The average yearly salary for a pharmacy technician is close to$40,000.
  • The annual compensation could be as high as $50,000.


A large aging population with increasing medical issues means more people who are needed to prepare and dispense medications.  A pharmacy tech experienced in the special needs of that population will have an employment edge. 

As with many careers, technology that improves efficiency busy people continues to be very prevalent. The convenience of receiving medications by mail provides a unique career opportunity for pharmacy technicians to work more independently or in a behind the scenes role.

Career Path

A pharmacy tech can advance to a supervisory role responsible for other technicians or support personnel.

Advancements in medications and treatment protocols should mean new opportunities for pharmacy technicians. Their specialized skills can lead to pharmacy automation techniques. Essentially, a Pharmacy Tech can become a guru of health information systems. With the experience of working in a pharmacy, this role can assist with becoming a Pharmacist! 

What Can Set A Candidate Apart?

  • A degree or certification is a plus since they’re not always required
  • Empathy and a calm demeanor in stressful circumstances

Common Skills and Proficiencies

  • Attention to detail and precision
  • Ability to maintain knowledge of current and frequently changing drug information
  • Math and calculation skills 

Frequently Required Credentials and Education

  • Surprisingly, other than a H.S. degree or GED, a degree or certification is not required in every state
  • On the job training is possible in some locations but a college degree or certification from a pharmacy tech program is a plus
  • Some states require national certification

Job Outlook

  • The job outlook for a pharmacy technician is a 12% growth rate - faster than the average for all occupations
  • With the increasing and continuing need for medications targeted at an aging population, skilled pharmacy techs with specialized knowledge will continue to be very marketable

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