Position Spotlight: Call Center Representative

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You’re a “people person” and really enjoy solving problems. You like working in a fast-paced environment and enjoy being part of a team while also having some independence. You’re not easily rattled, have great computer navigation skills, and a good memory for details. And, you’d prefer to do it all by phone. Well, you sure sound like a Call Center Representative!

The best CC Rep is someone who not only has deep knowledge of the job but works quickly and efficiently and “owns” the customer’s issue until it’s resolved. 

There are a wide variety of industries who need CC Reps, so you can work for a company or product line that you like or believe in – everything from pet supplies to non-profits to sales. 

And, if you really like technology, many call centers have advanced software programs that CC Reps use to access information and assist their customers.  

Job Duties

  • In essence, a CC Rep is all about customer service. In fact, that’s one of the alternate titles for a CC Rep – Customer Service Rep. No matter the industry, the CC Rep is there to provide service to a customer in a friendly and efficient way. 
  • A CC Rep has to be a multi-tasker because they are often either researching/reading information or documenting case history while talking to a customer at the same time! 
  • This position is also great for people who like to be challenged to find solutions. 


  • The low-end compensation of a Call Center Representative is $26k - $28k annually.
  • The average salary for a Call Center Representative is $34,887.
  • The high-end compensation for a CC Rep is approximately $41,239 yearly but can be significantly greater for specialized roles.


There are a few themes that dominate the trends for call centers in general. 

  • Technology! Industry-specific programs, emails, and navigation, plus trending applications like Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots, cloud communications, avatars, etc.
  • Customer service! Customers have more and more choices and demand a proactive and comprehensive service. Consequently, there is also an increased need for good technical documentation. 
  • Working remotely – with the evolution of technology, there are more opportunities for reps to work remotely; sometimes working virtually anywhere in the world. This greatly increases access to jobs for people with a variety of challenges, stay-at-home caregivers, or professionals who need more flexibility. 

Career Path

Depending on the size of the call center, it’s not uncommon to have a team lead, supervisor, manager, director, and vice president. A rep who has a deep knowledge of the service or product can become a specialist or product manager. A manager or director may have gained sufficient business experience to move into a leadership position in another area of the business. 

What Can Set A Candidate Apart?

  • Empathy! The best customer service rep is someone who “owns” the customer’s problem and follows it through to resolution. 
  • Great technical skills and aptitude
  • Solid documentation abilities
  • Professionalism

Common Skills and Proficiencies

  • Ability to absorb and manage large amounts of data
  • A calm demeanor who doesn’t internalize difficult situations
  • Strong command of written and verbal communications

Frequently Required Credentials and Education

  • In general, a H.S. diploma or G.E.D is sufficient but an Associate’s degree, technical training or related experience is a plus 

Job Outlook

  • The job outlook for a call center representative is 5% - about average for all occupations
  • There should continue to be jobs available for skilled Call Center Reps as technology changes the way customer service is delivered - more phone and computer contact vs. in person.

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