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Team-builder. Technical wizard. Operations guru. All-around people person with great business acumen. These all describe today’s Call Center Manager. Call Center work is extremely fast-paced and requires a strong ability to process information and implement solutions rapidly. 

It can be a juggling act of competing responsibilities while maintaining team cohesiveness and fostering the confidence of team members. The manager typically will analyze technical, customer service or operational issues and be prepared to suggest or implement immediate solutions. 

Typical  Call Center Manager Job Duties:

  • Analyze performance and sales metrics

  • Forecast call volumes and staffing levels
  • Generate reports to identify performance and revenue
  • Build and maintain highly functioning call center teams by coaching, training and developing
  • Strategize with internal and external clients to ensure successful collaboration resulting in customer satisfaction
  • Maintain knowledge of state-of-the-art technology and trends 


  • The average salary of a Call Center Manager is approximately $55,000. The compensation can range as high as $90,000.


There’s a growing focus on integrating cutting-edge technology into the call center and contact center operations that will include artificial intelligence, real-time customer analytics, remote agents (also commonly referred to as virtual agents), social media communication, and customer interaction through the use of chatbots, and more. Call Center Managers with strong backgrounds in technology, analysis and sales operations with experience in collaboration and people skills will be highly marketable. 

What Can Set A Candidate Apart?

  • Outstanding collaborative and team-building focus 

  • Exposure to a variety of organizational structures and product or service offerings
  • Dynamic and personable presence

  • Common Skills and Proficiencies

    • 5+ years call center, contact center, telemarketing or related experience
    • Advanced communication, collaborative and business skills
    • High degree of technical proficiency related to call centers 
    • Demonstrated ability to manage and motivate others

Frequently Required Credentials and Education

    • Bachelor’s degree in business or related field preferred

Job Outlook

  • Due to the increasing focus on technology in call centers and contact centers, growth is slower than average through 2026 as automation, self-service and a remote (including overseas) workforce reduce the number of agents needed. However, an individual who can thrive in this environment may continue to be in demand as an implementer and a manager of the technical change.

If you are looking for a new career as a Call Center Manager check out our current job listings. On the other hand, if you are looking to staff a Call Center Manager contact us today.



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