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August 19, 2019 4 Corner Resources 4 Corner Resources

Have you ever dreamed of being a Ninja? Well, at least, a “Web Ninja”? That’s just one of the new-wave titles you might hear that refers to the resident creative person. And, who doesn’t like someone who is creative?

If you have an art degree or want an outlet for your inner artist, an Art Director position may be the answer. Depending on the industry, titles and responsibilities may vary widely (Art Designer, for example). 

Creatives are needed in the art world, of course, but also in technology, home furnishings, fashion, theater, and many more professional areas. But what’s the difference between being a creative and being the director? 

Creatives of any kind are the ones responsible for producing the “product.” Directors are responsible to corral all of that creative energy and oversee the end product. So, it’s important to also know if you want to work independently, maybe even remotely, or as part of a creative team.

Job Duties

  • Of course, a Director directs, as in people and/or projects 
  • But one of the most interesting (and challenging) responsibilities of an Art Director is to ensure that an abstract idea or concept can be translated into a visual representation that captures the client’s vision
  • The ability to communicate and collaborate is far more important than one might think. Critiquing someone’s creative “baby” or attempting to steer a client in the direction they don’t know they want to go can be tricky, so the director must be very versatile and adept in people skills
  • The business side of the position means fewer fun things, like managing budgets and generating reports.


  • The average compensation of an art director is $60k
  • The average salary for an art director ranges is $40k to $90k


Most of us didn’t even know what an avatar was until several years ago. With the rapid growth of avatars in all kinds of online transactions, someone has to create them. Enter the Avatar Programmer.

Do you have a favorite font type? Would you like to have your very own font? Some companies are doing just that – paying someone to design a font that serves as a logo for their business. A Typography Designer can even freelance and sell their designs online. 

Career Path

There are so many industries that utilize art and the people who create it, that the opportunities are virtually limitless. 

What Can Set A Candidate Apart?

  • Besides the obvious need for creativity and possessing the soul of an artist, innovation and being on trend is critical.  All over the world, people are creating amazing art on the subway, online, on sidewalks, or even the sides of buildings. Candidates in this field have to be current and open-minded.
  • Proficiency in multiple graphic and artistic technical software programs

Common Skills and Proficiencies

  • In addition to the obvious skills in art, an Art Director also must possess some level of business skills:
    • Ability to manage teams, projects, budgets
    • Outstanding client-facing skills
    • Strong collaborative skills 

Frequently Required Credentials and Education

  • Bachelor’s degree in an artistic discipline is preferable for director positions

Job Outlook

  • The job outlook for an Art Director is at about 2 – 5% growth, which is a bit slower than for other positions




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