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The 2021 job market comes with a plethora of changes, opportunities, and new challenges to tackle. The way we conduct business, especially when it comes to recruiting top talent, has transformed. Work from home produced a demand for virtual hiring, but it also opened up more avenues for finding the best job candidates for your business.

What should hiring managers expect in 2021? What recruitment strategies should they use to take advantage of the new opportunities virtual hiring brings? Our 2021 hiring guide covers everything from recruitment trends to average salary data to help position your company for success in the new year.

For competitive, forward-thinking organizations and people, 2021 is an opportunity to evolve like we’ve never seen before and a chance to position yourself for success in a rapidly evolving world. 

We want to help you capitalize on these changes and we want to help you make 2021 your best year yet!

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The Latest Guidance on
Recruiting and Hiring

●  Key hiring trends and major shifts in 2021
●  Characteristics to look for when hiring remote employees
●  Methods for creating a recruitment and selection strategy
●  Best practices for onboarding virtual employees
●  Tips for communicating company culture to remote hires
●  Tools and resources for managing a remote workforce
●  Current trends in employee perks and benefits packages

The Salary Insights Cover Key Industries

Information Technology

Marketing & Creative

Finance & Accounting


Administrative & Call Center



Virtual Hiring is Here to Stay

Is virtual hiring here to stay? The answer is yes. Businesses have found virtual hiring to be more convenient, cost-effective and efficient.

Virtual hiring, however, isn’t short of its challenges. Your approach to interviews and other hiring activities will likely need a little adjustment. When composing a new strategy, focus on candidate engagement initiatives and how to convey your company culture.

Previously, it was easy for a job seeker to determine your workplace culture from the people they met onsite and the physical office space itself. Without those subtle hints from interviews onsite, how can hiring managers combat this obstacle? Our 2021 hiring guide covers how to infuse every step of your hiring process with descriptions and examples of your internal culture. This is a section you will not want to miss. Download our new hiring guide today!

Onboarding in a Virtual World

Working from home became a necessity for a lot of businesses overnight. While many companies are still learning how to slowly adapt to these changes, others are on the fast track and significantly increasing their work-from-home infrastructure. Our new resource contains a how-to-guide on virtual onboarding, interviewing, and tools to help manage a remote workforce.

It’s Time to Brush-up on Salary Expectations

Average salary data is important to understand what each job is worth. This can help you plan your recruitment budget and serve as a guide to assist your job offer negotiations. It’s also important to understand how salaries shift for different metro regions. The virtual employee amplifies the need to carefully consider the match of salary to role, qualifications, and location. Our guide will help make sure your hiring budget is on target.

Trending Perks and Benefits Packages

Today’s job seekers are weighing more than just compensation when deciding where they want to work. In fact, there are a few perks and benefits that they believe to be more important than a salary. Wondering which perks and benefits to offer? Download our guide today for our secrets on how to attract the best talent on the job market!

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